Who We Serve


Doc Directly collaborates with the world’s leading insurers, employers, and hospitals and health systems to deliver industry-leading virtual care. We develop tailored solutions and are continually modernizing the healthcare experience to help more people access high-quality care.

Doc Directly aims to serve you to protect diseases.

Breadth of Diverse Clients

From the largest multinational employers and insurers to patients around the world, Doc Directly serves more people than any other virtual care provider with unprecedented breadth and scale.

Unmatched Access to Care

With unique global scale, Doc Directly serves more people than any other virtual care provider. Since 2005, we have completed more than 15 million virtual care visits, the largest volume in our industry.

Proven Utilization and Value

Doc Directly is accelerating the adoption of virtual care. Our award-winning member experience and analytics-driven engagement services deliver industry-leading utilization and satisfaction.

Global Employers

More than 40 percent of Fortune 500 employers, as well as thousands of small businesses, labor unions, and public-sector employers, offer our virtual care services to their employees. Doc Directly helps employers deliver innovative, modern benefits that make accessible, high-quality healthcare a reality for more people around the world.

Health Plans

Health plans are now using virtual care to improve healthcare access, outcomes and the experience for their clients and their members. Doc Directly works with health plans large and small across the U.S. to accelerate the adoption of virtual care and deliver positive results.

Global Insurers

To provide protection and peace of mind for their policy holders, more than 70 global insurance and financial services firms partner with Doc Directly to extend high-quality virtual care services to members. Whether providing care to world travelers or expert medical advice to members facing difficult medical decisions, we help insurers deliver unsurpassed value.


Millions of people look to us to address their healthcare needs, from the simple to the most complex — anytime, anywhere. Doc Directly provides an award-winning patient experience that helps people quickly resolve their healthcare needs with confidence.

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